•   Speak to ENeRGI in St Monans
  •   Speak to the Housing Officer
  •   Speak to your GP or Health visitor
  •   Speak to your Minister
  •  Speak to your local Councillor
  •  Speak to your Community Psychiatric Nurse
  •  Speak to your Social Worker
  •  Speak to the staff at the Foodbank

Applications for help must be referred to ENET from a health professional or other agency.

Applications cannot be self referred.

Recently ENET has helped…

  •   A young mum experiencing domestic abuse who fled the family home needed help to buy furniture for her council flat.
  •   Bus fares paid to visit a child in Hospital.
  •   A Grandmother with full time care of her grand-daughter needed help to purchase a bed and bedding.
  •   A Grandparent with full time care of an adult disabled grandson was having diffculty pushing the wheelchair: a request for a battery pack for the wheelchair to ease this problem helped this family.

    These are just a few examples of how ENET has helped.

    Should you be experiencing a very difficult time in your life, ENET may be able to help.